The NFT Heart Designed to Give Away

What is a Shatter Heart?

ShatterHeart is your digital NFT heart tied to the blockchain. Each heart comes broken to symbolize the pain and heartbreak we all experience at some point. But like our real hearts, the ShatterHearts heal over time.

  • Created by five renowned NFT Artists
  • Backed by Lantern Dating App
  • Un-Shatter Your Heart

Current Drop: Genesis

Announcing our Genesis drop! These "core" hearts are designed with different personalities in mind to appeal to all different mindsets.  

Genesis H1:

150 Available
Buy Now
Unshatter Time: 6 Months

A Heart by Farah Manley:
"The fragmented heart fractured, but healing... the inner flowers represent love for themselves and hints of various colours represents love for all types of people."

Genesis H2:

350 Available
Buy Now
Unshatter Time: 9 Months

A Heart by Phelan Threed: "“Whether you’re an angel or a demon, do not be afraid to experience that distorted and fluid thing we call LOVE”."

Genesis H3:

500 Available
Buy Now
Unshatter Time: 1 Year

A Heart by Matthew Foglia:
"This golden heart beneath the red indicates the unconditional Buddha nature that resides in all of us, waiting to be uncovered."

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Shatter Hearts were designed with the intent to give away: imagine giving your child or spouse your heart. What better way to get your girlfriend or wife into NFT's ;)


Lantern Technologies creator Jason Neuman wanted to give his girlfriend an NFT she would actually care about. He gave her some Zed horses and it kind of worked.
But what about a NFT of his heart? So the Lantern team set out to create the Shatterheart program, working with top NFT artists to bring the hearts to life.

Core Beliefs

In love, we are all a little broken. Unless you are a newborn puppy you have experienced some level of emotional hurt. That's why the hearts come shattered. But like all things inside us, they can be fixed. Here at Lantern we love the digital space and are excited to be adding a piece of the ever expanding meta-verse.

Here to Stay

Unlike other blockchain projects, Shatterhearts are tied to Lantern Dating App - a premiere gamified experience with a thriving vibrant community. Shatterhearts are evolving to become a core part of the Lantern experience, growing alongside the app.

Development Timeline

We have a long engineering road map planned for Shatterhearts that will continue to add value for years to come.


Un-shatter speed ups

Currently the only way to "heal" your heart is time. In the next few months we will be implementing secret methods to "speed up" the maturation timeline of your heart.


Timeline display System

A section of the website where you can plug in your metamask and see where your heart is on the maturation timeline.


evolving heart

We will be implementing shatterhearts into the Lantern app gamification model. This will allow your heart to actually change appearance based on your journey through the app.


Heart Customization & Minting

Want to create a heart for your kid? Take your spouses and your own heart to create a custom heart for your child.